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Win a €500 Kingsize Voucher

As part of our 10 years celebrations at we are making donations to Mayo Roscommon Hospice and a number of other charities. We are giving a percentage of our turnover for October 2020 to these causes. We are also offering customers the chance to win a €500 voucher by donating to the cause above.

A €20 donation will get you one number in this draw, multiples of this amount will get you multiple entries. You will be allocated a number between 1 and 47. The winning number will be the bonus number in the Irish lotto on the Saturday following the completion of each sheet. Each sheet will have one winner of a €500 voucher.

When a page is complete the names and numbers will be posted here and on our social channels. The winners name will be posted here and on our social channels and will be contacted by us.

You can donated by visiting the Go-Fund me page through the link below. Thanks for your support of this great cause.